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1/24/14 updates
« on: January 24, 2014, 04:02:11 pm »
TP has been working really hard the past set of days, especially Orbitguy

orbitguy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mob names now act the same as health orbs, only appear when attacked

- Fixed food and energy item bug

- Added an update command for staff that allows us to reboot the server remotely, with a countdown timer and also saves player files before kicking for the update

- Gold coins will now disappear after like 10 seconds if no one picks them up

- Added a weather command for staff so that we can make adjustments to the new system as necessary

- Fixed the VERY annoying bug where a mob would get stuck in the attack animation and keep making the attacking noise very rapidly

- While fixing the previous bug, the fix involved me cleaning up the attacking controls so the animations will not play until the previous one has finished

- This was a day or two ago,  also fixed what Neno called the "Agility bug", if anyone knew about that.



renew the hat icons, and they look amazing.

finished the new Golem look, and was touching up on the Ability system sprites today.
two new npcs have been added


Top Priorities:

- Fixing Login bug (not disconnecting properly and then trying to log back in)

- Cleaning up the PvP system, including the drop spawns

- Fix the Golem and add new sprites

- Add the bow in as a new weapon and synch the arrows up

- Adding the new Ability system
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