Author Topic: Hi I'm Nate Howard creator of Stick Knights Online  (Read 129 times)


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Hi I'm Nate Howard creator of Stick Knights Online
« on: June 10, 2016, 09:26:56 am »
Anyone remember IfThen Software, InvisibleMan and GreyKnight, who made SAO? Stick Adventures Online.

That game originally is what inspired me to be a programmer and to eventually make Stick Knights Online

I just wanted to say keep it up, never give up, I'm here if you need help or advice.
I'm a software engineer living in Minnesota, USA.

My game is not on GitHub too and is open source.
I need art though, do you guys think we can work together or something?

I used to be pifreak and my hobbies were using Cheat Engine and being a beta game tester, game security/anti-hacking, music listening and production, nerd stuff.

What's up? :)

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Hi Nate! Welcome to our forum!

Nice to see you again. the whole site is getting an update and i plan to re-arange the forums so it works for all our games.!