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Testing 8/17/15
« on: August 19, 2015, 03:09:49 pm »
As someone who played this game two years ago when it was in pre-beta form I must say I was blown away with the progress you guys have made in under a week. As far as gameplay went it was much smoother compared to previous versions. For the two hours I played, I experienced no lag. Upon entering the game I was immediately amazed by the aesthetic improvements. The game now has a lively feel that gives depth and a sense of atmosphere. As I had been saying for years, this game has plenty of potential, and seeing an update like this is extremely encouraging. After testing the game, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sift through ideas with a few members of Team Perious. It’s apparent they have a great sense of direction for the game and are going to release an excellent game.

Here are some notes from my testing run:
1.   Referring to the EXP bar the “Exp” doesn’t rollover. Also, what happened to the percentage?
2.   Clicking the “X” in the skill menu doesn’t close the skills menu.
3.   No punching? I could’ve sworn you could punch in this game.
4.   Jump Kick hit box is non existent. I was jump kicking the condor all day and was doing no damage.
5.   No solid rules, controls, explanation, or help in the beginning. Didn’t you guys have a quick guide or tutorial?
6. (Str = 1 hp 2 dmg.
Dex – 1 crit 1 def.
Int – 1 ap, 1 skill defense, 2.5 skill damage
Agi - .1 move speed, .1 jmp speed, 1 ep)
That info would come in handy at the beginning once all the percentages, level caps, and stats are figured out)
7.   Weather: Wasn’t very easy on the eyes. If weather is something that’s a keeper it should be as aesthetically pleasing as the background.  I mean, you see the details on those trees?
    a.   The random darkness was strange, I’d like it best if it was just used in the cave (which is what you guys had right?) and maybe just a tad bit more brightness/illumination?
    b.   The rain was almost dizzying at least while trying to grind. Maybe it could just appear in the background?
    c.   Also the transitions are quick and abrupt.
8.   Past 10 you only get one skill point? I would imagine that’s to offset the perks of getting your class?
9.   Chat still goes out of the box 😭 Also, a scrolling in-game chat would be nice feature.
10.   Map ends, you fall, you get stuck and not reset.
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Re: Testing 8/17/15
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2015, 01:28:00 am »
Thank you for all your feedback! i'm grateful for the amount of depth you put into this report.
some of these issues we are aware of. and are working to fix them,
the rain will definitely be changed.